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Aldo's Pizza

600 S. Norfolk St. San Mateo, CA

Corporate Accounts

You weren't really thinking of letting your employees eat one of those tastes-a-like chainstore pizzas, were you? Be their hero instead and set up a coporate account at the pizzeria that's been San Mateo's best since 1958.

With a Corporate Account at Aldo's, you can be sure that your food will be delivered on time to the correct location. We can also handle standing orders, so you can avoid the hassle of repeating the order week after week.

Satisfy everyone's taste

What can you do when some people love deep dish, some prefer a cripsy New York style, others are hoping for a more carb-friendly meal, and some can't decide at all? Aldo's to the rescue! And we have a pizza to satisfy everyone, all with the same fresh & flavorful toppings. Your order can be a combination of any of our four delicious crusts:

* Original Thin Crust
The thin, light crust that put Aldo's pizza on the map. After tasting its crispy crust and mild sauce you may never go back.

* Thick Crust
Thick Chicago style, perfect for a heaping load of toppings.

* California Style
A bready crust, not too thick, not too thin.

* Whole Wheat
Our delicious thin crust made with whole wheat flour and less sugar and salt. Great taste and good carbs!

Aldo's also offers outstanding sandwiches, salads, pastas, and burgers. For all our offerings, see our Menu.

Get Started

Many local businesses rely on Aldo's to deliver delicious pizzas for their meetings, dinners and events. Set up your Corporate Account now and be ready to order our classic pizzas, whether your next event is this week or next month.

End the billing hassle. Your Aldo's Corporate Account will make your next catering order as easy as eating a pizza pie!

Call 650-344-5051 and ask for Manny.

Since 1958...