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Aldo's Pizza

600 S. Norfolk St. San Mateo, CA


Customers have always known and reviewers agree - Aldo's Pizza is great!


"The concept of the neighborhood pizza parlor is alive and well at Aldo's Pizza." - San Mateo County Times

"The flavors each maintained their own personality and integrity and we thought to ourselves, yes, this is old-fashioned Italian pizza!" - The Independent

"Nothing, but nothing can keep us away from this venerable pizzeria." - The Independent

"Toppings were good quality but the part of the pizza that distinguishes from the other pizzerias is the crust.... None of the pizza chains serve this style of crust and if you want to try something different, give Aldo's thin crust style a try." - (Jason and Terry's Bay Area Review)

"The quintessential pizza parlor... Casual and friendly with good vibes." - The Independent

"No Franchise Can Touch This." - The Independent

"Maintains a loyal customer base, thanks to the genial approach and the exceptional pizza." - San Mateo County Times

"Yes, this is what good pizza is all about." - The Independent

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Aldo's Pizza

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Since 1958...