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Aldo's Pizza

600 S. Norfolk St. San Mateo, CA

Aldo's Whole Wheat - The Healthy Alternative

Counting Carbs? Aldo's Pizza is still on the menu!

From The South Beach Diet ™ website:

Pizza isn't entirely off limits on The South Beach Diet. In fact, if it's piled high with a variety of vegetable, it can be a sensible option for dinner. Just choose a whole wheat whenever possible.

Modern diets agree that carbs are the enemy - but they taste so good! Fortunatley Aldo's whole wheat crust has the same crispy taste of our thin crust with more of the healthy good carbs. Our whole wheat crust is no fad - our customers have been enjoying this tasty crust for years.

Don't be fooled by the low carb claims of some pizza chains. Many "skinny" pizzas boast 30 pecent fewer carbs because they give you 30 percent less crust! Skip the scams and try Aldo's whole wheat. Since we make our crusts right here in the resturant, you'll get a fresh, delicious and healthy pizza pie.

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