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Aldo's Pizza

600 S. Norfolk St. San Mateo, CA

Featured Pizza: Star of India

Star of India

When most people think of pizza, thoughts turn to old Italy. But in the Bay Area cultures blend in unexpected ways. Aldo's original thin crust pizza is a favorite among the Indian community, who praise its unique light and crispy flavor. These loyal customers drive from the South Bay, San Francisco and even as far as Sacramento for the taste of Aldo's pizza. The restaurant's family-friendly atmosphere makes a perfect gathering place for chatting, relaxing and of course eating!

One set of toppings has proven so popular with our Indian customers that Manny added it to the menu as a show of thanks to his good customers. The Star of India pizza is topped with green peppers, onions, olives and spicy jalapeno peppers. Vegetarians can ask to have the pizza cutter cleaned before slicing their pizza.

If you didn't think you liked pizza, Aldo's Star of India will change your mind!

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